What would you do if you knew that a person who is quite well known to you has posted a live video of 12 minutes & almost brings you to panic. This is a story of Sinead O’Connor, 50, posted this 12 minute video of her self on Facebook revealing she was living in a Travelodge motel in New Jersey.

The Location where she could stay


This is the location of the motel where the Iris singer Sinead O’Connor was living. Form here she posted her live interview of she would be committing suicide.

When All Hopes seemed to disappear for the singer


Life seemed to come to an end in 2012 itself when Iris singer O’Connor was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder. Living with a fear everyday is much better to die at once was all the best she thought of.

A view from her past


O’Connor the Iris songwriter above during her 1990’s stage performance. Sadly the singer states in her Facebook statement that she too is ‘fighting like all the millions of people’ battling a mental illness.

A Recent Blog that states O’Connor in immense Depression she is going through


Apart from this Another touching note which states that her Fan said to her kids that: ‘To Sinead’s kids get over and help your mother, she is crying out for you all, forget what has happened and forgive, keep forgiving her until you get over there and give her a hug.” This was told to get help as soon as possible, along with that Jaques Viau a fan of Sinead was ready to share her room as to keep her depression away.

The curse of the Illness that bought her at this stage


A Facebook video snap taken by Sinead in which she tells her reason behind why is she going to take this shocking step to her fans & her family. As saying to her fan’s across that she too is like those in ‘One of a Million’ across who face this problem just like her.

Other disaster’s of depression that bought this on the Iris Singer


A family with separations that bought more cause of depression for Sinead which is more as to have and keep a life with her kids from all her divorced husbands. This led to more of depression in her life by which she went to this sickness & pain.

 The 50-year-old singer says she’s struggling with three mental illnesses and feels alone.



A very sad video made by Sinead to her Facebook viewers & fans saying that how much she missed. Since 2 years she is been looking after her own self in a motel keeping herself away from the society & the world.

Sadly with all Lost Hopes, but still hopes that there will be a ‘CALL BACK’, is all Sinead expects


A re-life that is all that she expects to get from her near & dear one’s. But keeping the living is much more difficult when there is no one to look after you. In this trauma she is been living for around 2 years & still keeps a hope of life.

A tragedy that sticks like a glue & swallowing everyday is what Iris Singer & Song-writer is been facing and still hopes to keep her life strong to go through this situation though when there is no one to look & take care of her. This was a sad life situation that Sinead O’Connor faces all by herself all that she has now is her fan followers that text her to keep her motivated & keeping her to keep courage.