Boyfriend And Husband Fails That’ll Make You Laugh

Sometimes your husband or boyfriend do some silly things that are so hilarious you can't just stop yourself but laugh out loud. They may try to make things right for you but ends up creating a mess out of it. Be it anything like helping you with household things or be it something related to your makeup kit. They end up doing something wrong which is so stupid that you want to kill them but you end up forgiving them. Here are those funny fails that your husband and boyfriend did which can make you laugh.

8. Highlighters Needed


Please specify when you ask your boyfriend to bring something. This boyfriend brought this home when he was asked to bring high lighters.

9. That Tall Husband


How he could not think about his wife when he knew he was not the only one in the house to look in the mirror.


10. Cookies On A Cooling Rack


Thinking that the cooling rack can bake cookies for you is such a stupid thought. Now have a nice time cleaning that mess. Click Next.