Brave Boy who fell over while carrying Olympic torch then kept going with smile on his face has died

The brave boy who fell over while carrying the 2012 Olympic torch, but got up and carried on with a massive smile on his face, has died from cancer. Kieran Maxwell had his leg amputated in 2011, after being diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer aged just 12.

Nicola, from Heighington, revealed that she had been wanting to take the kid to the silver screen to see the new Transformers film before his passing.


Kieran, a keen gymnast and athlete, was determined to have the aggressive disease in October 2010 and later experienced surgery to sever his leg beneath the knee. Seven months after the operation, he was announced tumor free. In 2012, he partook in the torch relay and tumbled to the ground because of his heavy artificial limb.

Their nice thought allowed the boy to be an “Normal kid”.


England’s greatest lottery champs – Colin and Chris Weir from Ayrshire, Scotland – had ventured into get him another, lighter prosthetic leg.


The couple – who scooped £161 million in an EuroMillions attract 2011 – found out about Kieran’s fight and gave a five-figure donation to purchase the limb outright.