Brave Boy who fell over while carrying Olympic torch then kept going with smile on his face has died

The brave boy who fell over while carrying the 2012 Olympic torch, but got up and carried on with a massive smile on his face, has died from cancer. Kieran Maxwell had his leg amputated in 2011, after being diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer aged just 12.

Mum Nicola said at the time: “Kieran started yelling and dancing around when he heard. He couldn’t believe it. I am still pinching myself.”


“What they have done for Kieran will be a small drop in the ocean for them but for him it will change his life. He can go back to being a normal boy. He can be himself.”

“Words cannot describe what they have done.”

However, in May 2013, Kieran’s devastated family found his sickness had returned.



The young person experienced heavy cycles of chemotherapy, and in addition a stem cell transplant and an operation to remove some portion of his left lung.

Last October, he took in his disease was terminal.