Brave Boy who fell over while carrying Olympic torch then kept going with smile on his face has died

The brave boy who fell over while carrying the 2012 Olympic torch, but got up and carried on with a massive smile on his face, has died from cancer. Kieran Maxwell had his leg amputated in 2011, after being diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer aged just 12.

Doctors said he had only weeks to live, but he went on to make amazing memories with his loved ones for a further eight months.


He decided against having any further treatment since he would not like to spend whatever remains of his life sick and hospitalized. He additionally needed to concentrate on “raising awareness of Ewing’s Sarcoma and improving the time it takes to diagnosis a child with cancer”.

Before his death, Kieran set up the Kieran Maxwell Legacy charity in a bid to fund research into the rare bone cancer.

Despite only being given weeks to live, Kieran fought on and had eight months with his family to make memories.