Brave Son Saves His Mothers Life During London Tower Fire

We all have seen the Grenfell Tower fire of June 14th, 2017. This tragic incident will remain in our hearts for generations. But to this tragic and horrible story there is a brave twist. Read the article to know more about the brave story.

Farhad Neda.


Farhad’s mother Flora 55, who is now in a hospital in a coma, was carried by her son on his back. Flora has a rare muscle disease because of which she is disabled.

Farhad’s uncle says…


“Farhad needed to get her out quickly. He took her arms, put them around his neck and carried her over his back down all 24 floors.” One of the family friend added saying, “He is a hero. In the chaos, all the screaming and shouting, he picked up his mother and carried her down from the very top floor. He sprinted with her down the stairs the whole way. I just don’t know how he did it. He must have summoned the strength somehow in the moment. With all the smoke and the flames, it really is unbelievable.”