Brave Son Saves His Mothers Life During London Tower Fire

We all have seen the Grenfell Tower fire of June 14th, 2017. This tragic incident will remain in our hearts for generations. But to this tragic and horrible story there is a brave twist. Read the article to know more about the brave story.

Farhad’s father, Saber.


During this whole chaos Farhad’s father Saber was separated from him and his mother as they sprinted through the stairwell to safety, he is still listed among the missing. All his other family members and friends pray that he is alive and will be found soon.

Farhad is being treated as well.


Farhad is now being treated in Chelsea and Westminster hospital and Flora at Kings College Hospital. It has been reported that even Farhad was in a coma but his family when visited him confirmed that he was awake and getting well soon.