Brave Son Saves His Mothers Life During London Tower Fire

We all have seen the Grenfell Tower fire of June 14th, 2017. This tragic incident will remain in our hearts for generations. But to this tragic and horrible story there is a brave twist. Read the article to know more about the brave story.

Farhad recently graduated.


Farhad had recently graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering at Kingston University in South West London. It has been confirmed that the family reportedly moved into the flat around 14 years ago after Saber and Flora moved to London from Afghanistan.

Farhad’s cousin explains.


The cousin says, “Shekeb is the most loving and caring man – a strong young boy who loves his family more than anything. He did what any son would do and he got his mother to safety. We do not know where Saber is. We hope he is alive.”