Breaking !! 14 Absolutely RIDICULOUS Real Life Mugshots.

These men and ladies have the absolute most life-changing mugshots at any point seen! Investigate 14 of the most funny mug shots ever

5. Hard to recognise?


Matthew Ezekiel Stager, 44, was discharged from Federal Correctional Complex in Petersburg on Feb 2, 2017. Matthew should register with a transitional focus in Texas the day he was discharged, however he didn’t appear. Stager is a white or Hispanic male, around 145 pounds, 5 feet 8 inches tall and has tattoos all over, head, neck, back and left foot.

6. Captured while shaving?


It would seem that he was captured while he was shaving, isn’t that so? Kevin Gibson, who is 58, was captured for ownership of Marijuana on the night prior to the national day associated with smoking pot – 4/20. As should be obvious, he shows up in a Miami-Dade County mugshot with what has all the earmarks of being dreadlocks and a  bushy beard just on the left half of his face.