Breaking !! 14 Absolutely RIDICULOUS Real Life Mugshots.

These men and ladies have the absolute most life-changing mugshots at any point seen! Investigate 14 of the most funny mug shots ever

7. Gucci from head to toe


Khampasong Thammavon was on post trial supervision when he was pulled over by the police, and it turned out his car had guns, strategic apparatus and medications in his home. Khampasong is a blood gangs member and was captured in Fresno.

8. Horns, really?


It truly isn’t an amazement to see a man with “F—Cops” tattoo on his forehead wind up in prison? Paul Terry is a 26-year-old man from Tulsa Oklahoma, was captured with a female associate for breaking into a man’s home and victimizing him at gunpoint! Horns and red lips, really?