Breaking !! 14 Absolutely RIDICULOUS Real Life Mugshots.

These men and ladies have the absolute most life-changing mugshots at any point seen! Investigate 14 of the most funny mug shots ever

9. Another Joker !


Here we have another Joker resemble the other alike! A man spruced up as the Joker postured for one funny mug shot after he was accused of drink-driving on October 20th, 2013! Dennis Lalime was driving home from a Halloween party when he slammed his car, wearing a face loaded with paint and green hair!

10. Cousin It?


Marcella Hernandez was captured in Arizona on May 31st, 2012, for parole violation and declined to show anything besides her wild hair in her mug shot! She has a striking likeness to Cousin It from the Addams family, what might they think?