BREAKING! Amber’s New Boyfriend Admits Relationship is Rocky Amid Stalking Scandal!!

Here we have another Teen Mom shocking story where amber admits her relationship is rocky amid stalking scandal. Read the article to know more….

Soon after her break up Amber started dating a new guy.


Amber recently posted a picture of her new boyfriend Andrew Glennon holding a rose, on her Instagram account, announcing to the world how much she loves the new relationship.

She also gave the good news…


It has been confirmed that Glennon will appear in front of the cameras when he makes his debut on Teen Mom OG.

Amber got a shock of her life…


But fans were not ready to know that Amber Portwood went from dating liar Matt Baier to stalker Andrew Glennon.

Shocked and surprised!!


Amber found out that her new boyfriend was hit with a restraining order from his ex-girlfriend. Angeles, Glennon’s ex-girlfriend filed a restraining order against him on October 30, 2013.

It turns out that Amber’s boyfriend had a disturbing relationship before..


Apparently Andrew had a shady past where he harassed his ex after his break up by doing all sorts of mischief like throwing stones on her window and lot more….

Glennon admitted that he regrets not telling her about his past.


He said, “Amber is such a beautiful soul, I love her so much, and I really want to start this relationship with nothing but honesty, I feel like a total idiot for not bringing this up to her first, but it was such a difficult time in my life that I blocked it out of my mind.”

He apologieses to Amber.


He said, “I apologize to you, Amber, her fans, and anyone following us, I know I can be the man she’s been waiting for, I’ve been waiting for her in my life, and we both had to go through some real life experience to realize that. Our love is real, and I want to see it through.”

Amber reveals her fears to her boyfriend


Andrew said, “This is jeopardizing our relationship, which tears my heart, she is still processing. Right now everything is up in the air.”