Breaking! Kail accused of abusing baby daddy #3! Here is another new controversial story from teen moms about Kail who accused of abusing baby daddy #3! To know more about the story read the article below.


Could Kail be continuing her pattern or abuse on her newest baby daddy Chris?


It is starting to look that way with screen shots being uncovered left and right


Her Baby Daddy number 3 is this guy, Chris Lopez


He posted this to his twitter account months back when the couple was allegedly hot and heavy.


Supposedly he cut his dreads off, regretted it and blamed Kail or at least she thought he was but then things get strange —>


If you look closely at this photo you’ll see scratches on his hand. Rumor has it that he tweeted about her injuring him (we couldn’t locate a SS of this) but it gets crazier —>


Allegedly his mom wasn’t surprised when she heard about the injury because she has watched Teen Mom 2 herself and saw Kail’s temper explode on Javi and Jo


Ironically Kail just filed for protection against Javi, even though she has a documented past of violence…


Luckily we didn’t have to wait long to find out the answer as one fan went straight to the source —>

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