BREAKING! Kail & Baby Daddy Chris – Broken Up! With the ongoing controversy in Kail Lowry’s life with her pregnancy news,etc. Here is yet another news about Kail and baby daddy Chris breakiing up. Read the article to now more about the controversy!

1. 3rd time is a charm?

2. Kail Lowry admitted.

Social media has been erupting ever since Kail Lowry admitted to being pregnant with her 3rd child.

3.  Left the speculation open.

Kail really left the speculation open about the father of the baby and has refused to name him but….

4. Chris Lopez

Nothing is ever really private when you’re on reality TV is it? Chris Lopez is the father of Kail’s third baby….

5. Under his secret…

The two were also a couple for a time and could be seen arguing on Twitter under his secret @….

6. Changed his @ but can you blame him?

He has now changed his @ but can you blame him? A lot of popularity comes from dating a teen Mom but…..

7. Seems like the couple has decided to call it quits.

It seems like the couple has decided to call it quits according to Kail herself…

Also, before her divorce was finalized, Kail shared her “type” on twitter, revealing she likes “men wid dreads”. Well, check!

8. Not in a relationship!

Kail Lowry re-tweets her fan’s question about her relationship status.

9. Tell US

Maybe the public pressure was too much for the couple to handle? Tell us what you think about the breakup in the comments!

10. Kail Lowry

Kail Lowry now a mother of three, how will she get out of this tough situation? How will she manage three children as a teen mom?