1. New Mom

It appears that the ladies of Teen Mom 2 may need to scoot over because a lady from Teen Mom 3 may be joining them as a regular!

2. The Ashley gives up the scoop!

3. The Ashley can exclusively reveal

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the show’s production team is planning to add a fifth girl to the ‘TM2’ lineup…and the cast and crew are not happy about it. In fact, The Ashley has already been tipped off by several people who have seen her filming with the crew.

4. Catch-up Special?

For those that are assuming that this is just a ‘Teen Mom 3’ catch-up special that’s being filmed or something, The Ashley can assure you that’s not the case.

5. The Ashley hears

From what The Ashley hears, the show’s producers are bringing Teen Mom 3 Briana DeJesus to ‘Teen Mom 2.’

6. If they even agree to be on the show with Briana at all!

Briana will be added into the mix with the regular girls, which means the four original girls will see a reduction of their screen time next season– if they even agree to be on the show with Briana at all!

7. Hoping to keep her casting a secret

Most of the cast and crew now know of MTV’s plan to bring Briana on-board, but a production source tells The Ashley that MTV was hoping to keep her casting a secret from the girls, in hopes that they could film their real-time reactions to the news.

8. Trips to Florida

A crew source tells The Ashley that the crew is not thrilled about having to add trips to Florida into their already busy travel schedules in order to film Briana’s scenes.

9. Briana is currently pregnant

Briana is currently pregnant with her second child, which will surely add to the drama in her scenes. (She’s due to give birth in July.) Another source of drama may be the fact that Briana and her sister Brittany are very good friends with ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad Javi Marroquin. (At one time, they were good friends with Kail as well; they even got plastic surgery together last year! However, The Ashley is not sure where the girls’ friendship with Kail currently stand.)

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