Here we have another Teen Mom shocking story where it has been anticipated that Ryan’s New Wife Mackenzie May Lose Custody of Son!. Is it true!? Find out more in the article.

Ryan and Mackenzie together!

It was revealed earlier this month that Ryan Edwards married his fiancée Mackenzie Standifer before going to a month-long rehab program.

Allowed Filming of their private ceremony

Ryan and Mackenzie let cameras film their extremely private ceremony that took place outside with a priest. The only people who were there to witness their wedding was Ryan’s parents Jen and Larry.

Mackenzie earlier married

Mackenzie Standifer was earlier married to Zachary Stephens in September 2013 when she was five months pregnant with their son, Hudson. She filed for divorce in July 2016 on the grounds of “inappropriate marital conduct.”

Divorce Finalized

The divorce was finalized in November 2016 and Stephens was ordered to pay Mackenzie $503 a month in child support as she would have the custody of her son.

It is little alarming

As Mackenzie is now married to Ryan, having custody of Hudson is a little alarming, considering Ryan’s apparently serious drug problems.

Shocking news!

It was a shocking news for the viewers when they found out that Ryan Edwards appeared to be driving under the influence on last night’s episode of Teen Mom OG. Ryan was driving his wife to their wedding ceremony. Mackenzie punched Ryan’s shoulder throughout the scene as he continued to nod off.

Microphones left on…. 

Mackenzie then turned the camera off, but left their microphones on as she asked Ryan, if he took Xanax again. It is also reported that after the scene was filmed, Edwards entered rehab for his addiction issues.

Zachary Stephens revealed his thoughts on the Teen Mom OG star’s addiction issues

As reported, Ryans reckless behavior of falling asleep when behind the wheels has been making Mackenzie Standifer‘s ex-husband, Zachary Stephens concerned for their son. His concerns may lead to taking back Hudson’s custody from Standifer.