Breaking! Teen evicted from fancy new house!! What could’ve went so wrong already?! Here is another controversial story from Teen Mom show!! To know more about the story read the article below.

#1 Evicted

The moms from Teen Mom series seem to move homes A LOT but this is the first eviction we’ve seen and it’s from one of the least expected!

#2 Big bucks

If you watch Teen Mom online, you know that the big bucks earned by the ladies has somewhat lessened the drama, or at least changed it.

#3 Good ratings

Now, for all the serious ups and downs they undoubtedly go through, they’re celebrities in their own right and being paid like it.
But based on the ratings, fans don’t seem to mind.

#4 Amber Portwood

The current season of the MTV hit showed Amber buying a new house in an upscale neighborhood with controversial. fiance Matt Baier.

#5 Eviction Notice

#6 Uprooted

We’re guessing this also means that Matt’s son will be leaving as well as he moved in with them recently, creating great controversy

#7 Amber

Even though this news just broke, Amber has continued posting on social media as if nothing is wrong and has not commented


Yes, she’s planning to marry Matt Baier, the alleged deadbeat dad of seven (or eight, or nine, depending on what you read) by six different women.

#9 Flip

Amber has also mentioned that this house was one that they were intending to ‘flip’ and sell for a profit. Looks like that won’t be happening now!

#10 Tell US

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