You are not going to believe what just went down on Instagram between Jeremy Calvert and his ex fiancé.

First Instagram Post

Brook posted this meme to Instagram and said “I need no words” which implied she and Jeremy have broken up AGAIN and this time over cheating allegations! It doesn’t end there, we are just getting started. This gets juicy!

Second post

Then she posted this and named THREE people that Jeremy has supposedly hooked up with including a Teen Mom 2 producer named Mandi!



You probably recognize Mandi as being one of the producers that films with Adam Lind and Chelsea Houska as well. Jeremy came out swinging after these revelations came out! Check it out!

Jeremy’s response

Jeremy went to the comments on Brooks post and denied booking up with the girls and went on to say that people had been right about Brook being crazy! So it didn’t stop there!


Brook fires back

Brook came back and made this post in response to Jeremy’s comment! She revealed that Jeremy had the girls numbers stored in his phone under male names! Jeremy was ready to fire back!

Jeremy responds

Jeremy comes out swinging and making it clear that he’s going to get hammered. He kept on posting though!


Jeremy brings in Leah

Thirsty chicks

Don’t be a thirsty chick! Brook and Jeremy continue to break up and make up. Brook has a child and needs to grow up and move on and keep the drama out of her daughters life!

Brook lurking

Here’s Brook lurking when she’s suspicious of Jeremy