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It seems like every teen mom is getting pregnant. We already know that Chelsea and Jenelle have already disclosed the news about their pregnancy. Move over Chelsea and Jenelle, ANOTHER Teen Mom has just announced her pregnancy and you won’t believe who it is! Yes, you read it right ANOTHER

First Photos

The Teen Mom posted this picture to her Instagram account and then made the official announcement! The reactions of her fan and follower were amazing, most of the follower were in shocked after seeing this post.

Due in July!

Teen Mom 3’s Briana Dejesus is expecting! Below is the tweet she did and seems like she is super excited for the July. You can also see the reactions of her follower congratulating her as soon as she posted the news



She already has one daughter named Nova and it looks like she is now officially a big sister!! Briana DeJesus is from Orlando, Florida and got pregnant by her ex-boyfriend, Devoin Austin II. Her daughter Nova Star DeJesus was born on September 10, 2011


This news comes as a surprise to everyone because Briana has kept details about her love life very private and no one even knew she was dating! This was a real shocker for eveyone.

Hey baby

Briana is also famous for her appearance on a family rehab show with her sister and mom. Since the show aired, Briana has been estranged from her sister and things don’t look like they will change any time soon.

Briana DeJesus, who had big dreams for college, has a supportive mother and sister

There was some tension in DeJesus’ house because her sister became pregnant at the same time, but got an abortion, sending the sisters down two different paths.

but DeJesus’ ex-boyfriend, Devoin, has not shown significant interest in the pregnancy.

When the baby girl, Nova Star is born, Devoin is there for the birth, but immediately leaves to play basketball with his friends. As a result, his name is not put on the birth certificate, and he storms out of the hospital when he returns to find that out.

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