Kail and Briana have been fighting even more since Briana started dating Javi. It was a surprise to everyone that Briana and Javi started dating each other. The new couple of Briana and Javi have been dating each other for a long time now and the way they have displayed themselves over social media, it is obvious that fans are expecting a lot more from them. But it seems that Briana might be losing interest in Javi as she was recently caught talking to her ex. Read the article to know more…

Many fans were excited to see them together.


Fans were really shocked to know that Javi and Briana were actually flirting with each other on twitter. They were really excited to see them together and they desperately wanted to see them date each other.

They even announced they were dating!


Javi Marroquin revealed that they are more than just friends, Marroquin said, “We are dating!” Seeing Javi’s announcement fans went crazy and were really excited to see more of them!

They went out on many dates!


Both the stars got even closer to each other when they went on a couple of dates, they also went to Disney Land with their kids. Both Javi and Briana love to spend time with each other and looking forward to meeting more often.

Fans thought Briana’s relationship Javi would go on for long!


Briana even dropped the M word. Briana then replied, “If we plan on getting married u gonna have to eat some shrimp LMFAO.” But Briana recently did something really shocking which might change the opinions of the fans about their relationship, find out on Next Page…

Recently Briana’s mom and Javi had a small verbal battle on Twitter.

Roxanne tweeted, “How many times can you say I’m being deployed and not get deployed, stop using deployment as a tool for sympathy. But it’s a good storyline [get the f*ck outta here].” She added, “DONT you f*cking dare act like you so much because I f*cking do it ALL! And don’t come playing the victim. You are not the victim!! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO GIVE OF MYSELF TO F*CKING PLEASE YOU!! Sit on that…”

Javi slams back Roxanne!

Javi slammed her on Insta, “Roxanne obviously doesn’t understand how the military works. Sometimes deployments happen, sometimes they don’t, nobody understands the military unless you’re in it. It’s ok. Can’t fault them.” Briana’s recent quarrel with Roxanne might also be the reason Briana might have lost interest. Find out on Next Page what Briana said to her ex…

Briana was very upset when Javi went to meet Kail last week…


Kail posted a video on Snapchat where Javi was seen playing with the boys, Kail captioned the video, “STFU”. When a fan asked Briana about what she has to say about it, Briana very rudely said, “Lmao, I have nothing to do with that.”

Briana’s chat with her ex Dre on Twitter.


Briana tweeted with a picture, “Just because flowers…” Her ex Dre commented, “I did it better lol.” Briana then replied, “[You] ain’t but me diamond [though].” To which Dre replied, “You ain’t su….nah never mind.”