Briana is a strong and independent woman and a mother of two daughters Nova and Stella. She is well more than capable of taking care of herself, Biana has been in countless battles with her co-stars, especially with Kailyn Lowry. Since Briana started seeing co-star Kail’s ex-husband Javi they have had many fiery Twitter battles, now Brina has ended up having another nasty battle, but this time she fought with a Hollywood star and was forced to delete her Twitter account. Read the article to know more….

Fans were very excited seeing Javi and Briana together.


Javi and Briana already have been on many dates before and it’s not a surprise if they are planning for some more, fans were really excited seeing them together but the excitement didn’t last for long……

The nasty battle between star moms begins!


Kailyn can’t help thinking that Javi’s main reason for dating Brianna is to spite her. There are a million other girls out there, but Javi chose to hook up with another Teen Mom star, which he must have known would result in tons of publicity.

Both stars bombarded each other on Twitter!


The fan said, the Teen Mom 2 creators “should be thanking Briana because if they had to get a 5th mom for the show, the ratings must have been down!” Both the moms were fighting over ratings of the show.

Briana got into a habit of fighting with co-stars on Twitter!


Lowry has a child with Marroquin, and the two co-parent all three of her children. The relationship between Javi and Briana is the reason behind kail’s anger. Briana then went on fighting with many other people on Twitter and now she deleted her Twitter account, find out the reason on Next Page….

Briana fought another co-star after Kail!

Briana ended up fighting Jo Rivera’s girl Vee Torres, the fight started when Briana said, “I should be packing for this trip to see Javi and maybe even Jo lol bye baby.” Jo’s fiancé, Vee Torres found the joke disgusting and then she decided to step in…..

There is no end to her fights!

Vee Torres fired back at Briana saying, “Man ain’t nobody worried ‘bout that ass, just don’t mention s**t about my man. It’s that simple.” Now we have been informed that Briana had a fight with a Hollywood actress after which she deleted her Twitter account, find out on Next Page what happened….

The haters drive Briana DeJesus off of Twitter.


In a recent update, Briana was called out by Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Moniece Slaughter, she said, “New to the cast so you not really making no real money, ain’t no ni–a ever even thought about Wifin you thotty mcpoppins how you f—in kails ex husband by choice but she’s mad?”

Briana shortly deleted her Twitter account!


Briana responded saying, “Lol nobody F*** anyone.” Soon Briana deleted her Twitter account after the nasty battle with Moniece Slaughter.