Pregnancy is one of the most cherished moments in the Teen Mom show, everytime a teen mom is pregnant all fights and controversies seem to shut down. There were many moms who gave birth this year, Jenelle, Kail and Briana and now it’s Briana again!? There have been many rumours that Briana is pregnant again, are the rumours true? If yes, then who is that baby daddy? Find out the answers when you read the article!

The birth of Briana’s second daughter!

DeJesus first announced her pregnancy back in January on Snapchat. Briana said the baby girl will join the family alongside her half-sister, Briana’s first child, Nova.

Nova is a happy big sister now.

Briana’s first daughter Nova is from Briana’s relationship with her ex Devoin Austin. Nova is a happy big sister now and she has the responsibility to look after the younger one.

Just a month ago Briana and Javi dating officially!


Just last month Javi confirmed that they were dating, Briana soon denied it and said they were just friends. But the fact is no matter how much Briana tries to deny the fact, the closer they seem to get.

Briana even decided to move to Delaware with Javi!


Briana said, “I might end up somewhere in Delaware sooooo.” Judging by her decisions it is obvious that the couple Javi and Briana are ready to take their relationship a level up. Briana being pregnant again can also be the reason why she is moving closer to Javi in Delaware, so is Javi the baby daddy? Find out on Next Page….

Briana and Javi both are family people.


Briana lives with her two daughters, sister Brittany and mother Roxanne, this shows how much of a family person she is. Javi too spoke about how important family is to him and how he would love to have one!

Javi and Briana seem to be moving very quickly.


Briana said, “If we plan on getting married u gonna have to eat some shrimp LMFAO.” Javi responded saying, “That’s what people don’t understand. The foundation has been there for years now we just build our empire.” This conversation makes her pregnancy rumours even truer, find out if Briana is pregnant on Next Page….

Briana and Javi are already expecting?


Briana and Javi’s open conversation on social media makes the pregnancy rumours much more believable, recently it was reported that Briana is already talking about having Javi’s baby!

Briana is pregnant again!?


Briana recently posted the above pic and a fan replied to the picture on Instagram and tagged Javi and Briana, writing, “Is [Briana] pregnant again??” Briana snapped back immediately, responding, “No I’m f–king fat I just had a baby.”