Briana’s relationship with Luis has been through so much that it didn’t work as it was meant to. Luis had cheated on Briana during the relationship which led to their breakup. Before giving birth, the mother of two was approached by Stella’s father and her ex, Luis, who wanted to know if there was hope of them getting back together. But they never did, now Briana is an independent strong mother who takes care of both of her daughters. Briana recently posted some adorable pictures of Stella which are melting hearts of the fans. read the article to see these adorable pictures!

The birth of a cute baby!

DeJesus first announced her pregnancy back in January on Snapchat. Briana said the baby girl will join the family alongside her half-sister, Briana’s first child, Nova.

Nova is big sister now

She is a happy big sister now and she has the responsibility to look after the younger one.

Father Of Her Second Baby


As everybody knows Luis was not present most of the times with Briana, but this July when she was giving birth to her second child he was there with her.

Briana posted the first picture of Stella!

She also captioned this pic as “My StellyBelly girl”. Fans are too excited as you can see in the comment section. Now she has posted some more heart melting pictures. read on next page to see these adorable pictures….

Briana DeJesus might be trying to wipe her social media slate clean

Briana is trying to come clean by keeping the two most important people in her life front and centre.

Stella was diagnosed with a dangerous condition!

The doctors diagnosed Stella with a ventricular septal defect, a heart condition that DeJesus said has caused her daughter to have three holes in her heart. But Briana trying to be positive about it and posted some adorable pictures of Stella, see on next page…

Adorable picture!


“❤️ my hot chocolate w/ a hint of marshmallow fluff ❤️,” DeJesus, 23, captioned the photo.

Briana keeps a positive feeling about her daughters condition!

“Luckily the holes don’t grow, they’re kind of small,” she told her sister, Britney in the episode. “People live their lives with holes in their heart… they’re fine. Doctors just want to keep an eye on it.”