Briana Reunites With Ex After Javi Breakup!

The Teen Mom show has seen numerous couples in the show, many couples are constantly breaking up and getting back together. Javi and Briana’s relationship has been on and off for a long time until they announced they were dating on Twitter. Even the most fan favorite couple in the show finally broke up a few weeks ago. It seems like Briana moved on too quickly, read the article to know more…

Relationship end already?


Both the stars Briana and Javi have been through a lot of hardships in the past, so the couple took their own sweet time to know each other in the months they dated. It was a shock to the fans when they heard Javi and Briana broke up!

Fans were really excited for them.



Javi and Briana got closer and deeper into their relationship. There was a time when Javi dated Briana’s sister Brittany Dejesus just for one date.

Briana wasn’t sure since start!


Just a few months back Javi confirmed that they were dating, Briana at first denied it and said they were just friends. But the fact is no matter how much Briana tries to deny the fact, the way the couple has been spending time together it proves how much they loved each other.

Were they planning something serious?


After months of dating each other, they were planning to take some serious actions. There were many rumors about the couple being serious about getting married, they even had rumors of having a baby together. However, thing have changed suddenly and changed a lot. Continue reading on Next Page…