The Teen Mom show has one of the most unexpected storylines, in this reality show relationships change every moment. At one point you are single and in another moment you are engaged to someone else, along with relationships these moms these teen moms usually end up having a baby from their every relationship. Briana is already a mother of two, but now she her baby #3 bump? Find out in the article…

Briana never had her pregnancies planned!


As viewers may remember, Briana has one daughter, Nova, with her ex, Devoin Austin. But now Briana’s ex Devon, Nova’s father is no more in the picture.

The birth of Briana’s second daughter!

DeJesus first announced her pregnancy back in January on Snapchat. Briana said the baby girl will join the family alongside her half-sister, Briana’s first child, Nova.

Briana’s new start to a new relationship and a baby bump?


Just last month Javi confirmed that they were dating, Briana soon denied it and said they were just friends. But, in an interview, Briana was asked, “What are you excited about in 2018?” Briana gave a shocking reply in the interview…

Baby #3 for Briana is coming soon?


She said, “That I read my fortune over there… and all I saw was a belly, a little boy, another girl with a belly, and [the fortune teller] was like, ‘You’re gonna get pregnant soon!’ She was like, ‘um, yeah, it’s gonna happen soon.’” Briana’s recently clicked pictures show that the teen mom might have her baby #3 on the way, see the baby bump pictures on Next Page…

They may be together but still, they are apart!


Even though they might be dating, but they are spending their holidays separately. Javi recently posted a picture on Instagram with his son Lincoln and captioned it, “Merry Christmas from the Marroquin boys.” Even Briana is pending her holidays away from Javi with her daughters.

Javi is happy being with Briana, also he might have some future plans with her.


Javi said, “I went to see her too and I didn’t tell you what she told me. She didn’t say anything crazy like that. She did just say that true happiness is in my future, like real soon. Somethin’ like that soooo…. I believed it.”Now, Briana finally reveals her baby bump? Find out on Next Page…

Briana and Javi went to celebrate New Year’s with one another at a concert.


Briana posted a picture with Javi on Instagram captioned, “Bringing in the new year with my love ❤️ I really can’t thank this man enough for being so amazing! #kevinhart#irresponsibletour #ucf”

The snap that might show Briana’s baby bump!


Briana, later on, posted a snap story wishing everyone a happy new year, in the snap, Briana inserted a bitmoji of a woman with a baby bump. This bitmoji got all her fans thinking that she was pregnant with baby #3. Later Briana said, “No I’m not pregnant lol just never changed my Bitmoji.”