Briana Slams Her Picture Of Kissing Javi In Kail’s Face

Briana and Kail have been fighting for months now and their fight seems to have no end to it. Javi and Briana started going out a few months ago, Kail initially said she didn’t care much about them but her actions justify that she is super jealous. Now Briana again tries to make her fight with Kail even worse when she posted pictures of her kissing Javi! Read the article to know more…..

Briana and Kail never liked each other.


Since the time Briana was included in the show Teen Mom, Kail never liked her. Kail and her co-star friends were always in objection of adding another Teen Mom to the show. But when Briana entered the show, things got even worse.


Briana might have made a mistake when she started flirting with Javi!


Though Kail was done with Javi, she wanted Javi out of her life. But Kail never imagined that Briana and Javi would ever start dating. When the news of Briana going out with Javi first came out, Kail was furious but she responded saying, “I don’t really know much about it but I wish them the best. That’s all I’ll say on that!”

Adding to the fire was Briana’s comments about Kail!


Briana tweeted (then deleted) saying, “One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure,”. She continued, “We aren’t friends, Never were. Just cause Dr Miami scheduled us to do it together doesn’t mean anything lol.”

Kail later blamed Briana for the low ratings of the show!


The two moms went far enough to even fight over ratings and logistics of the show. Not long ago Briana was cornered by many stars on social media, but Briana came back with ‘In your face’ answer for Kail, see the pictures of Briana and Javi kissing on Next Page…..

Briana was cornered and forced to delete her account!


Not long ago Briana was trashed by many co-stars for dating Javi, not just co-stars but also by a (self-proclaimed) Hollywood star, Briana deleted her Twitter account after the nasty battle with Moniece Slaughter.

But Briana did not give up!


Briana soon opened up her new Twitter account and was back in action. Soon after she opened her Twitter account Briana posted some really sizzling pictures of kissing Javi, see the amazing pictures on Next Page…

Briana shared some pictures with her fans on Saturday!


Briana posted a picture with Javi where she wore a burgundy colour dress and Javi complimented her dressing by wearing a burgundy coloured jacket with jeans and shirt!

In you face Kail!


Briana posted a picture with Javi having a romantic kiss before leaving out for the night, she captioned “Thank you for being such an amazing man to not only myself but to Stella and Nova.”