Britney Spears’ Little Sister Is All Grown Up, Here’s How She Looks Today

Sometimes the young artists grow up too soon, unable to enjoy the fruits of their labor. One child actor shocked the world when she made an unexpected announcement. Jamie Lynn Spears was beginning to come out of the shadows of being the pop singer, Britney Spear’s little sister. The teen had a hit show and had aspirations to follow in her sister’s footsteps in the world of music. In 2007, however, Jamie Lynn disappointed her fans when she made a personal revelation.

Jamie Lynn Spears was born on April 4, 1991.


She is the 3rd child among the siblings. The 2nd child is none other than the teen pop star Britney Spears.

Jamie was 9 years old when her sister became the highest selling teen artist of all time.


The little girl enjoyed the perks that came with being Britney Spears’ little sister. She got to hang out with famous celebrities like Justin Timberlake.

In 2002 when Jamie Lynn was 11 years old she filmed her first movie.


Jamie Lynn performed a younger version of her sister’s character in the film Crossroads. It helped that the two sisters look alike.

Her sister Britney used to bring Jamie Lynn along with her.


The pair were hosting at the 2002 Teen Choice Awards.

After the film, she entered Nickelodeon’s ‘All That. A sketch comedy show where she became popular for being spontaneously entertaining.


She was slowly flagging her own way to stardom. Although she was compared to her beloved sister, it was becoming obvious that the junior Spears was also skilled.

By 2004, Jamie Lynn got the main role of the TV show Zoey 101.


Jamie composed the theme song of the film “Follow Me” which was written by Britney Spears.

Zoey 101 was a victory for Jamie Lynn and the network.


this Girl also guest starred in the TV drama Misguided where she performed a promiscuous teen.

At the top of her victory, Jamie Lynn announced the big news during a magazine conference.


The 16-year-old declared she was pregnant. She had been seeing her 18-year-old beau Casey Aldridge for 2 years. She recognized she would get a judgment but she did not understand how harsh it would be. “A lot of horrible, nasty things were said,” says Jamie Lynn.

On June 19, 2008, Jamie Lynn blessed with Baby Girl Maddie Briann Aldridge in Mississippi.


Jamie Lynn retired from Hollywood and purchased a home in Mississippi with her man. A year later the couple broke up. They would reunite again in 2010 but broke it off permanently that same year.

Having a baby made Jamie Lynn really think what she needed to do with her life. She enjoys the experience of acting but she understood that was not her desire.


“Music was the first career decision I ever made for myself,” tells Jamie Lynn.

Although the youthful mommy knew she would be surely compared to her beloved sis. She had to perform it on her own.


“That’s when I started writing music, and I didn’t do anything for almost five years,” explains Jamie Lynn of the process. “I was just writing, figuring out who I was as an artist.”

Then Jamie Lynn fell in love with Jamie Watson, a businessman.


The pair married on March 14, 2014 in New Orleans. Her child Maddie was the flower girl.

Jamie Lynn is beginning on a country music career.

Her single “Sleepover” was published this past June. She also cooperates with other musicians. She co-wrote the hit “I Got the Boy” for Jana Kramar.

In March of this year, her elder sister Britney Spear introduced her to the audience before performing at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.


While re-launching her career, Jamie Lynn still drives her daughter to school, calling herself a regular soccer mommy.