Busted! Nikki Bella Assaults A Girl In High School!

Nikki Bella, an Ex-Fiancee of WWE Wrestler, John Cena, has got into a legal trouble after breaking a Nose of a Girl in High School. Read more to know the entire story.......

Booked for showing Wrestling skills!

Nikki Bella, an American Professional Wrestler, who also happens to an Ex-fiancee of WWE Wrestler, John Cena, much after their controversial split has yet again attracted another Controversy, this time she is been charged with an assault on a girl which resulting in breaking her nose.

Legal trouble for the Wrestler

Much known for her Wrestling skills, it gained her lot of Reputation in the WWE World, but this time Nikki seems to have shown the wrestling skills at a Wrong place. She allegedly broke the nose of a girl in High School. She has been booked for assault on a girl, which might also prove to be downhill to her reputation.

Football Game led to the Fight!

It was reported that the entire incident took place due to a Football match held in High School, Nikki Bella who got involved in a brawl resulting into a fight with a girl named Sarah Aguirre, who then went on to accuse the then, 17-year-old of badly injuring her in a fight. To make the matter worse there was a Warrant motion filed for her arrest when she moved from Arizona to San Diego, California to attend college.


“Go home and cry”, provoked Nikki Bella!

It was learned through a Police Investigation, The victim was attacked on her taunting,“go home and cry,” after winning the football match which also led to a fight between her and other four girls from rival High School much after the game was over. She claimed in a Police Report, “Four girls walked up to her. The first of four girls pushed into her with [her] chest… and kicked [her] in the face while on the ground.”

Will the legal Proceedings take another turn?

It was quoted through a Police Investigation that the Mob of Four girls fled the place in their car, and while going they replied to the taunt made by the victim, one of the girls in a mob said, “now look at who’s crying – b***h.”

The victim was soon rushed to a hospital!

It was reported through an insider source that the Victim was soon rushed to a nearby hospital, where the Police Investigation also took place. While giving a statement to Police, it was learned that one of the four girls, who attacked the victim, was named as ‘Brianna Garcia’, further adding it was even reported that “The Garcia twins’ beat up some Saguaro girl after the Friday night football game.”

Briana claims the accusations are false!

While reports claimed by Brianna Garcia, says that the accusations made by the victim are completely false and baseless as she had left early to MacDonalds much after the match, but according to the report, the alleged victim’s boyfriend identified Stephanie Garcia as the initial suspect by looking at a yearbook photo. However, the girl who claimed she was injured in the fight could not be “absolutely sure” who attacked her, but police noted she “hesitated at Stephanie’s picture.” It would be interesting to view, how the proceedings take a turn.