Cardi B And Migos Are Engaged Offset

The 25-year-old Bodak rapper said yes to Migos, also 25, when he asked her out in front of 19,000 people during their power 99 powerhouse concert on Friday night in Philadelphia. They were seen dating earlier this year when they were seen at a Super Bowl event together. she gives fans a perspective of her staggering ring. “Much thanks to you for seeing the potential in me since you met me.For giving me guidance shaping me and cherishing me. Your such an astounding man to me your family, companions, children and you are to a great degree gifted.

Her 8 Carat Dimond Ring


It was an overwhelming moment when Migos asked Cardi B out. You can see Cardi B’s 8 Carat diamond ring which was given to her by Migos.

Life Changing Concert


They got engaged offset during a concert at power 99’s powerhouse. It was such an amazing moment for Cardi B when Migos went down on his knees with a diamond ring.

Beautiful Moment For Cardi B


Fans were screaming widely, on the other hand, Cardi B could contain this surprise or that excitement. Migos gestures took her heart, while she stared at the ring he held out to her.

The Rapper On His Knees


She seemed to state yes, regardless of the group’s cheers muffling her voice, with Offset standing up and calmly placing the ring on her finger. The rapper expressed her affection by giving him a hug.

Migos Instagram Post


Migos uploaded a video to his Instagram account with a caption ‘OFFSET PROPOSED TO CARDI’. This really shows how much he loves Cardi.

Instagram Story


Offset shared video of the engagement and Cardi B’s 8-carat precious stone ring on his Instagram story not long after their execution.

About The Ring


The ring, a lovely pear-molded precious stone, sparkled against the rapper’s left hand as she showed it off to the camera.

That Special Moment


Cardi B shared a photograph of herself holding up the ring on Instagram, expressing, “Jesus Christ I’m so emotional, @offsetyrn I love you so much .Thank you for seeing the potential in me since you met me.