Cardi B Has Sent Twitter Into A Frenzy After She Announced Pregnancy On ‘SNL’

Pregnancy news has been hitting the internet hard lately. Every other day either a celeb baby arrives or there is news of an A-lister announcing the arrival of their offspring. A lot of celebs are due this year and it seems the year is full of baby news. In a recent turn of events, the famous rapper too decided to announce that she is expecting at the Saturday Night Live show. Read more to know the details.

Saturday Night Live (SNL)


SNL is an American late-night live television variety show. The show has welcomed many famous personalities and has managed to keep its fans enticed till date. No wonder it has been among the favorite top listed shows.

Cardi B’s recent appearance on SNL



While the show does share glimpses of its upcoming episodes. The Cardi B episode ended up creating a mark.

Becoming a mother is not easy when you have constant rising stardom around


Things are not easy as they seem when it comes to being famous. Especially if you have a daunting career ahead of you and the decision of becoming a mother does not come easy. But Cardi B is known to rise amidst conventional thing and it is pretty much what defines the rapper.

SNL’s latest episode featuring Cardi B


“Saturday Night Live left the internet crashing during its latest broadcast. Rapper Cardi B finally confirmed her pregnancy after multiple speculations. She wore a feathered outfit camouflaging her belly during her performance of hits “Bodak Yellow” and “Bartier Cardi.” Cardi’s bump was not visible in the first set. But in the second set, the camera slowly panned down to showcase her baby bump wrapped in a custom white Christian Siriano gown. Click next to find more details…