Cate & Tyler Horrified Over Incident With Daughter Nova!

Cate and Tyler recently gave a hint that they might be expanding their family again, the longtime couple already has two daughters, Carly and Nova. They lost their custody right for Carly to foster parents as the Teen Mom couple were underaged! Now they have the full custody over Nove and are planning to expand. But wait there is some problem with Nova’s health, what is it? Is it serious? Find out in the article….

A happy couple with little issues!


Both the stars, Catelynn and Tyler have had a strained relationship with Carly’s adoptive parents over the last couple years, which is the reason why they couldn’t see Carly for 2 years.

Both Cate and Tyler love their daughters a lot!!


The feeling of separation from their first daughter Carly nearly destroyed them, but soon they recovered from the sadness and hoped that they would get to meet her again!

Soon the couple welcomed their second daughter!


Novalee Reign Baltierra was born on January 1, 2015, the couple had the full custody of Nova now. Though the couple had the love of one daughter, Catelynn really felt that both the sisters need to bond in a sisterhood relation, which was not possible!

After meeting her sister Carly for the first time, something bad happens to Novalee a few weeks later!


Tyler wrote, “On our way to see Carly!!! Can’t wait to watch this cutie play with her birth sister.” But their happiness soon came to an end when after meeting Carly, something bad happened to Novalee, to find out what happened to her read on Next Page….

The Baltierra’s recently gave out hit of expanding their family!


A fan asked Tyler, “@CatelynnLowell @TylerBaltierra When can we expect a pregnancy announcement out of you guys? #urnext.” To which Tyler replied, “Hopefully SOON.”

Did Novalee fell sick?


Both Tyler and Catelyn are really concerned about Noavalee, Amber recently posted a picture of her daughter showing concern for her on Instagram! Read on Next Page to find out what happened…….

Catelynn gave a hint!


Not just Catelynn and Tyler but all their thousands of fans are really worried about Catelynn’s daughters condition.

Catelynn’s post!


Catelynn posted this picture on her Instagram captioned “My world 🌎 my baby 👶 I’m going to be holding you a lot closer and a lot tighter… and I’m never letting you go.” No one knows what has happened to her!