A couple Of weeks ago, Britney Spears shared a video of herself. The pop princess was sitting in the gallery of her home, knee propped on a (presumably extremely costly) stool, paintbrush close by. At first look, she appeared as though she was painting, yet not painting the way we normals do. The painting was bought by a celebrity at a very high price. Get to read the whole story here.

A Masterpiece By Britney


It does seem like Britney was making a something amazing when she shared this picture on Instagram. But this doesn’t mean it was a masterpiece. Britney knows how to engage and has invested decades culminating her specialty, however, her art is certainly not painting.

The Expected Results?


Truly, after all that buildup toward the start of the video, this is the thing that Spears painted. It practically resembles each preteen young lady’s doodle back in the years Lisa Frank was prominent. Actually, this artistic creation looks extremely Lisa Frank-ish, less the eye-burning neon palette.

That Efforts Were Real Strong


That didn’t prevent one courageous superstar from getting it, in any case. The truth is out, Robin Leach, the nasal voice behind superstar looking show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous spent BIG bucks to get his own particular Spears unique.

How Much Cash Did He Drop?


It’s hard to believe, but it’s true ten thousand dollars. To be reasonable, Leach purchased the work of art from Vegas Cares, a bartering to profit casualties of the Las Vegas slaughter. He was the barker for the occasion and couldn’t avoid getting in on the activity.

Still, There’s Lot You Can Do With $10,000


You can pay a lease for the whole year for $10,000. You can purchase like, ten iPhone Xs for $10,000. You can likely practically pay off your car for $10,000. It’s unquestionably a major lump of progress.

She Can Be Defined An Entire Era Of Music


A marked note by Einstein simply sold for one $1.6 million. Britney Spears is no Einstein, however — for fear that you overlook — she characterized a whole period of music for a few people.

Sold For A Cause


It must have taken her a lot of efforts to draw this piece of art but she did sell it for a cause. An actor who was ready to $10,000 for this picture, the money was then utilized for Las Vegas people who were suffering because of the attack.