Celebs Who Love Marijuana And Don’t Care About Anything

Give me a chance to make it clear that I am not advancing cannabis since as of now there are various brand envoys as celebs who are supporting the green leaf. Today, numerous stars are attempting their best to get weed authorized on the grounds that they cherish it and believe that it is basic for a healing reason. It is lawful in a few sections of the United States for remedial practice, yet some celebs take it for entertainment as well.

1. Snoop Dogg


I thought of beginning with our notable weed sweetheart, Uncle Snoop. He is one of those celebs who can smoke pot whenever. He even shows his child to smoke the leaf in right way. I don’t figure anybody can do that.

2. Rihanna



Rihanna’s love with the constant leaf is extremely open. There have been numerous examples where RiRi has been spotted smoking weed. Indeed, even her music video of ‘We Made Love’ has a storyline of a couple who are in love and indulged with weed.

3. Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz has been taking puffs of weed for quite a while. As per the performing artist, she once got it from Snoop Dogg amid secondary school.

4. Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart is a tremendous A-rundown star, and she has cleared up her musings about the unending leaf. In a meeting, the performing artist said that she couldn’t care less what individuals consider she smoking pot. Click next.