The unidentified man warming up in the gym, and then being greeted by hot actress, Andrea. The sting operation starts as the his girlfriend watches him on a hidden camera. Read the article to know what happens further.

A unknown chubby man

This chubby man was  propositioned by a sexy “personal trainer” actress in a sting operation which was set up by his girlfriend who wanted to find out if her boyfriend was loyal to her.

Jaw-dropping scenes.

The girlfriend was surprised to see her boyfriend taking part in the jaw dropping scenes which was captured by the hidden camera.

The man’s girlfriend watched the racy scenes unfold.

The video was shot in Mexico City, it begins with an unknown man warming up in the gym and the greeted by the beautiful actress ‘Andrea’. The guy doesn’t know Andrea is an actress and the scenes are being observed by his partner on candid camera.

Andrea, who is dressed hot!

The hot actress Andrea wore a tiny pair of black shorts and a revealing pink bra, starts bending down in front of him.

She then offers to guide him…

When Andrea offers the guy to guide him through his training, to which he readily agrees, then she slaps his bum before bending down in front of him and encouraging him to put his hands.

While making sex noises.

“See how deep I’m breathing,” she says she gives the man an eyeful of her bum after bending down in a pair of tiny black shorts. Andra guides the man through his exercises, and is even seen slapping his bum.

Andrea then asks him….

Andrea asks him if he “has a girlfriend”, to which he replies “I’m dating some chicks”, this angers his girlfriend and she is shocked. Andrea asks if he has a girlfriend to which he replied “no”, so she asked his number and they arranged a date.

Later on…

The furious girlfriend then rages saying, “That’s cheating. He did not turn her down. This is so disgusting. Guys are pigs. He touched her, let her touch him.” Later on the girlfriend call him and he denies meeting a trainer so she calls him a “f***ing pig”.