They are the costliest all over the world wherever they may play, a kick-start on field during a friendly match or there’s been a huge influx of Chinese money that has changed the hierarchy of football wages.

Starting at LEAST Position in PAY scale..

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior of Brazil


Even recognized in the Barcelona Team, Neymar Jr is a cash run-kid of 26 years old who is paid ‘Lamborghini’ each week. And to be clean – he’s worth of it. He is a guy worth as per the efforts that he makes in the field that he plays for the club or whether the country he owes. He costs for $371,400 for team union.

Paul Pogba was like a ‘player-cash’ no game but just transfer from one team to another


It seems to be that the most expensive transfer in football history, and yet there’s 8 people out there that make more money than Paul. Must be because of all the unnecessary pushes that made him to pay his transferring from one end to another. His transfer expenses cost around $372,600 each transfer.

Axel Witsel or so called Axel Laurent Angel Lambert Witsel – Jackpot Hunter


Basically Axel plays for the Chinese club Tianjin Quanjian. The Belgian Footballer moved to China last year where he got a contract of nearly $22 million, of which over approx $19,200,000 which is his fixed wage and the rest is paid in incentives.

Givanildo Vieira de Sousa – The ‘HULK’ guy of Brazil


They call him the HULK beast of Brazil. Givanildo is a Brazilian footballer who plays for Shanghai SIPG and the Brazil national team, as forward. Well the so called ‘HULK’ charges approx $411,000 for whichever team he plays.

Gareth Frank Bale – Plays for Real Madrid with quite of fallbacks but holds to be yet expensive


Considering Bale been in and out because of injuries, it’s very obvious that Real Madrid wants to get rid out of this expense disaster. As the league pays him $411,000 each week, for this guy who isn’t that fit to play doesn’t seem to be like a very good game plan.

The ‘Leo’ symbol of (LION) – Is none other than Lionel Andrés Messi


He is the best forward – attacker for the Spanish club & The Football Club of Barcelona and even Argentina’s national team. He owes $462,400 of his payment there’s very few more players that are actually worth their wages after this kind of pay to such a renowned & fabulous player of Argentina.

BLUE DEVIL Chelsea’s – Oscar Dos Santos Emboaba Junior


It was assumed for a pretty long time that Oscar was the best paid player in the world. He was also one of the first to move to the CSL. While his weekly wage of nearly $514,000 isn’t that bad, he doesn’t even get a top 3 spot on this list. But being the youngest player for Chelsea will give him the growth.

What does ‘Madrid’ say – To Christiano Ronaldo..?


uno, dos, tres.. go.. But sadly Ronaldo the Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club Real Madrid owes $545,000. Latest on the grid where Ronaldo is been charged of the tax where he is been not paying all of his property taxes on time.

Another BULL from Argentina grounds – Carlos Alberto Martinez Tevez


Representing from the Shanghai Shenhua and the Argentina national Tevez earns around $790,000. It yet seems that this guy hasn’t made up the Top block of payment chart.

Ezequiel Ivan Lavezzi of Argentine


The 32 year old of the Argentina national team as a forward of Hebei China Fortune who currently owes  $1,025,000, which is slightly more than a million bucks every week. Believe it or not, but truth stays the way it is to stay.

These were some of the MOST expensive Football players of 2017 who are worth to be a MONEY in the FIELD players who can be on deal only on their required fees pay.