Check Out These Top 10 Highest Paid Football Players In The World

A 90 Minute game to become an expensive player on field. They didn't even kick-start the game, but they are the costliest all over the world

They are the costliest all over the world wherever they may play, a kick-start on field during a friendly match or there’s been a huge influx of Chinese money that has changed the hierarchy of football wages.

Starting at LEAST Position in PAY scale..

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior of Brazil


Even recognized in the Barcelona Team, Neymar Jr is a cash run-kid of 26 years old who is paid ‘Lamborghini’ each week. And to be clean – he’s worth of it. He is a guy worth as per the efforts that he makes in the field that he plays for the club or whether the country he owes. He costs for $371,400 for team union.

Paul Pogba was like a ‘player-cash’ no game but just transfer from one team to another



It seems to be that the most expensive transfer in football history, and yet there’s 8 people out there that make more money than Paul. Must be because of all the unnecessary pushes that made him to pay his transferring from one end to another. His transfer expenses cost around $372,600 each transfer.