Chelsea Houska – Busted Lying! Here we have another controversy where Chelsea Hosuka got busted while lying. To know more about the controversy read the article.

1. Drama?

Chelsea Houska doesn’t often engage in social media arguments. One of the reasons for doing that is, she mentions in her tweet saying she hates responding to annoying tweets and she eventually ends up bringing negativity on her page.

2. Uh oh…

She was called out for a comment she made on an episode of Teen Mom 2. If you guys remember the episode when Chelsea denied the fact that Paislee was Aubree’s half sister. Apparently Chelsea said she never made this comment.

3. Doesn’t count?

Chelsea supposedly made a comment that Adam Lind’s daughter, Paislee, didn’t count as Aubree’s half sister, because Chelsea didn’t give birth to her..? She denied making any such comments on the show.

4. Or…did she?

Someone actually FOUND the clip of Chelsea and posted it! The clip would prove Chelsea saying that Paislee was Aubree’s half sister, which she denied in her previous comments.

5. Just a joke.

After being shown the clip, Chelsea was quick to respond that the comment was just a joke, thinking that she would be found not guilty for lying on the show. Chelsea very smartly mocks the viewer by saying “Please keep worrying about my life some more ;)” at the end of the tweet.

6. She’s kinda got a point there…

Chelsea was found guilty for lying on the show that Paislee was not Aubree’s half sister, which she denied in her previous comments by saying that she meant it as a joke and she didn’t say it seriously! What do you guys think? Just a joke…or inappropriate???

7. Paislee and Aubree.

Chelsea Houska’s Daughter Aubree Chills With New Baby Sister Paislee. Aubree doesn’t spend too much time with her pops, but she’s all about bonding with her little sister. The ridiculously sweet Aubree hanging with Paislee in her bouncy chair.

8. Chelsea Houska’s Daughter Aubree Cuddles Up To Controversial Dad Adam Lind And Her Half Sister, Paislee

Aubree cuddles up on the couch with Paislee and tells her “I’m your big sister.” She then requests to take her little sister swimming while asking a multitude of questions. She comments that she’s going to show her mom her little sister later.

9. Doesn’t change the fact that baby Paislee is Aubree’s half-sister.

Teen Mom 2‘s Chelsea Houska has struggled with ex Adam Lind having a baby with girlfriend Taylor Halbur, but that doesn’t change the fact that baby Paislee is Aubree’s half-sister.

10. Paislee

Paislee Mae Lind was born on September 3rd 2013 to Taylor Halbur and Adam Lind. Paislee has a older half sister called Aubree.

11. Aubree.

Aubree Skye Houska is the daughter of Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind. Born in Portal, North Dakota on September 7, 2009 Aubree was born on Chelsea’s first day as a senior, she was born a month early.. Aubree is also a big sister, Adam and his girlfriend at the time,Taylor, welcomed their daughter Paislee Mae on September 3rd,2013.

12. Aubree lind and Paislee lind.

In the April 11 episode of TM2, Adam revealed to his friends that he has “50/50 custody of Paislee” and is hoping to get the same arrangement in place with Aubree.