Chester Bennington’s Tragic Suicide Made Fans Discuss Mental Issues

On July 20 2017, Chester Bennington the famous lead singer of the internationally famous band Linkin Park committed suicide! You would be surprised to know what all issues the famous lead singer faced in his career, his shocking suicide made people talk about the mental health issues. Read the article to know more......

Everyone has a history, Chester too had a history of mental struggle!


Chester had issues with his mental health and drug abuse, but inspite of that he was very open about it in the media with public. Chester was so open that in an interview he even very courageously spoke about the sexual abuse that he endured at a very young age.

Linkin Park’s some amazing songs.


The band’s famous songs such as “Breaking the Habit” made Chester very emotional even after being released a long time ago, the song would describe the battles in a persons mind. He even said that the song “Crawling” was about him feeling helpless under the weight of drugs and alcohol.