Here we have another Teen Mom story where Kail and baby daddy Chris fight over baby Lo’s custody! Read the article to know more….

In Feb 2017 Kail announced her third child.


Kail is pregnant with baby three with Chris Lopez, Kail has been referring to her third baby as “baby Lo” throughout her pregnancy, which sounds like a combination of her last name and her baby daddy Chris Lopez’s last name. And now finally….

Kail is now a proud mother of three

Kailyn Lowry is officially a mother of three! The Teen Mom 2 star welcomed her third child few days back

During Kail’s pregnancy….


Not long ago a friend of Kail’s revealed that she and the baby’s father were still together and that he has been ‘not very supportive’ when Kail needed him, but something seems to have changed…

We know that Lopez abandoned Kail when she got pregnant.


Chris Lopez was the man who got her pregnant and Lopez was reportedly the one to call it quits.

Kail never had many expectations from Chris.


For Kail this pregnancy has been a bit rougher than when she was pregnant with sons Isaac and Lincoln, the Teen Mom 2 star doesn’t expect Chris Lopez to come to the hospital when their baby is born.

Kail’s expectations were in vain…


Lowry has portrayed the relationship as a fling that resulted in an unexpected pregnancy, sources are now claiming that she planned to remain with Chris for the long haul but that never happened for Kail. And now they are at it again…..

Kailyn has made it incredibly clear that she doesn’t need anyone


Since we know that Chris is unsure about whether or not to be involved in his child’s life, which would mean that Kail has to raise the baby alone.

The legal notice for Kail…


It has been recently confirmed according to the legal notice that Kail has only 30 days to issue her baby a legal name, Baby Lo will probably be dubbed with a moniker in the next few days.