Cold Snap Hits Hard In Florida : Frozen Iguanas Fall Off Trees

The National Weather Service in Miami said temperatures dipped below 40 degrees Fahrenheit early Thursday in parts of South Florida. This temperature drop was caused due to the Bomb cyclone that hit North America during the holiday season. This chilling temperature drop was enough to immobilize the green iguanas common in the region.

Green Iguanas


Green Iguana is a native animal of Central and South America. Green iguanas are diurnal, arboreal, and are often found near water. Being cold-blooded animal iguana cannot bear chilling temperature.

Chilly Lead To Immobilizing Them


Because they are a tropical species, they require higher temperatures than temperate climate reptile. Since their bodies are not adapted to hibernation, they are unable to deal with low temperatures.

Iguana Lying Poolside


Palm Beach Post columnist Frank Cerabino tweeted a photograph of an iguana lying belly-up next to his swimming pool.

According To Reports


CBS News affiliate WPEC-TV posted images of an iguana on its back on a Palm Beach County road. Reporter Maxine Bentzel said the iguanas have “a good chance of moving out if you move them in the sun.” Stay Tuned for more information on Iguana.