After Cosmetics Kylie Jenner Once Again Faces Severe Fans Outrage, Fans Totally Upset

Not The First Time Fans Are Unhappy


Kylie Jenner has a huge like of makeup products and she recently faced fans outrage for naming her products ‘Barely legal’, ‘Virginity’ and ‘X-Rated’ which many fans thought were teen offensive as she also has a lot of teenage followers.

Kylie Jenner Gets Lip Fillers


Kylie Jenner was seen in LA with extra fuller lips and seems she got her lips done. It might not be dangerous for baby Stormi but is definitely too soon for doing it.


Other Things Kylie Is Doing To Get Her Pre-baby body and looks back


Along with workout regime and strict diet, Kylie was recently spotted wearing and advertising a waist trainer. The Waist Gang Society waist trainer advocates for a “snap-back” post-pregnancy body. Although all the sisters were spotted advertising the product before did not upset the fans as Kylie did. Click next to find out why?