After Cosmetics Kylie Jenner Once Again Faces Severe Fans Outrage, Fans Totally Upset

Fans Not Happy With Her Recent Post


The Jenner fans were disappointed as it was too soon for her to start waist training. However, for some moms, bouncing back is not quick and easy even if social media claims to. This pressure results causing emotional harm to new moms who are adjusting to their postpartum bodies.

Fans Really Upset


Many fans expressed their opinions about Kylie’s recent endorsement of the waist trainer and stated that  she should not be the one to fall for such products even it was for advertisements she should think once about its effects.


Doctor’s Opinion


Dr. Apovian M.D., professor of medicine at Boston University School of Medicine said “If you’re going out and want to look really thin, I don’t see a problem with wearing one of these for an evening. But as for lasting results.” Dr. Apovian continues, “In my opinion, that is complete nonsense. The trainers can actually cause more bad than good, she continued. Acid reflux, loss of strength, and displacement of organs are all possible side-effects of waist training.”