Breakups are upsetting, however, they can turn out to be surprisingly more dreadful when there’s a pet included. In case you’re fortunate, the part is amicable and you go to a course of action that works for everybody, and the pet keeps a sheltered home. What started out as a horror story for one dog owner in Kansas has turned into an adventurous story, instead. Tragically for a pit bull mix named Zimba, he was found alone in Maryland. But something happens shockingly.

When it all started


It started when the Caroline County Humane Society in Maryland found a stray puppy meandering the avenues. At the point when nobody came searching for him, they scanned his microchip and found that he was 1,300 miles far from his home in Wichita, Kansas!

Dog’s name was Zimba


Zimba had been on a street outing to Maryland with one of his owners when there was a terrible breakup, and instead of being returned home to his mom, he was abandoned in the city. The ex-boyfriend declined to answer any calls, leaving the family in dark about Zimba’s whereabouts.

How could someone do such a thing?!


His mother couldn’t abandon her work and children to come get him, and the shelter tried to find another plan to get Zimba home. Enter Zach, a former volunteer at the shelter whose girlfriend still worked there. She told him about Zimba’s condition.

Zach is a hero!


Zach did something that will shock everyone. Click on the next page to know what happened next.

The day has arrived!


Zach had four days off until his next bartending shift, so he offered to drive Zimba home himself! The shelter shared the story on Facebook and reported that they would give updates about the road trip en route. So on December 5, the pair set out on their experience with their audience growing as they went. Zach disclosed to reporters that Zimba was a great traveler, sleeping through much of the first day.

They received so much love.


The shelter got a lot of gifts to help take care of Zach’s costs, like gas, tolls, and food. They likewise got presents for Zach, for example, a free oil change and car wash, a $100 gift certificates for pizza, and the Hampton Inn offered a free room in Wichita for some required rest. Click on the next page to know what happened at the end.

They became friends!


After driving more than 1,000 miles, it became clear that Zach and Zimba had become besties. It was late 6th Dec evening when they arrived and Zimba was finally reunited with his family.

Zimba is home now!


Based on the photograph Zimba’s mother shared later, he’s happy to be home! And Zach is en route back home. It’ll probably be somewhat more lonely in the car, however absolutely worth it, despite all the trouble. Without Zach, Zimba probably wouldn’t have ever made it home. Luckily, he did!