These Couples Have A Totally Unbeatable Sense Of Humor

It’s awesome on the off chance that you were sufficiently fortunate to meet your perfect partner, however, it’s surprisingly better on the off chance that you both have a similar comical inclination. What can be superior to an accomplice who can influence you to giggle in any circumstance, regardless of whether it’s extremely genuine? Couples like these more often than not don’t battle for long and can resolve clashes through fun-loving talk. Here is a list of such couples whose sense of humor knows no bounds.

“My wife’s face on our wedding day compared to the day when she met Rob Lowe.”


In the wedding photo she is showing her wedding ring, the other photo…..not so much.

The story took an unexpected turn: internet users found a photo of Rob and his wife and compared it to the photo above.



It seems even Rob is not happy with his wife and the feeling is mutual. Hope they don’t run away. On the off chance, if they do, I am not to blame.

“My wife gave me this book with this photo inside.”


If your wife gives birth to a white baby with a fro you know why!

Me: “Are you mad at me?”

Her: “No, I even left you some pizza.”


That’s a perfect way to not be mad at the same time be mad. On a different note, you were lucky she left you the crust. For more funny images turn to the next page.