Drunk driving has been a trend since ages followed by crazy drunk people, they tent to destroy property and lives in the process, for which they don’t give a damn! Just like this crazy guy who was drunk driving on a beach while live on Facebook with a Police chase going on. Read the article to know more.

This guy went to the next level.


This crazy drunk guy had gone nuts when he live streamed himself on Facebook Live downing whiskey and trying to outrun the cops. This crazy guys name is Ryan Stiles.

On Thursday afternoon


Rayan the drunk crazy guy was driving on the beach dangerously trying to out run the cops while he was live on Facebook.

Rayan’s friends said the….


Rayan’s friend Sarah Lynn Wright said that, he was under depression and was upset about an earlier meeting he had with a public defender regarding a previous charge of resisting arrest.

Rayan was told that he was likely he’d face time inside for his offence.


After listening in the meeting Rayan stormed out and drove to his girlfriend’s house, that to without a license.

Around 4:30pm that afternoon.


Soon after Rayan stormed out the Clearwater police started to receive calls from the anonymous Facebook users who saw the severity of what they were watching while Rayan was driving live and drunk.

In the shocking video.


In the Facebook live video, Rayan was heard saying  “We’re gonna god damn die!” while plowing over bins and chairs on the beach. You can hear the scared and terrified people running and screaming trying to get away from Rayan’s car, he even hit a unoccupied vehicle on his drive.

 Stiles is faced with a choice of surrendering to the police, or driving his Jeep into the water.


Soon Rayan came to a stop and was given a choice to surrender or to jump in the water with his car, Rayan obviously chose to surrender but after he downed the entire bottle of whisky! After his arrest Clearwater deputy police chief, Donald Hall, said: “We were very, extremely fortunate that we didn’t lose any officers, nor did we lose any civilians.”

The video began circulating online.

Stiles’ friend, Sarah said, “It’s not out of character for him to get angry and storm off. “I feel like he couldn’t handle the stress and that was it for him.” Soon on Thursday his car was taken off the beach and the online video was kept as evidence.