Briana DeJesus exposed Mackenzie McKee

Briana DeJesus exposed Mackenzie McKee just before giving birth to her second child.

Booted from Teen Mom 2

According to a new report, Briana DeJesus got word that her former Teen Mom 3 co-star had liked a Twitter post about having her booted from Teen Mom 2 and quickly called her out for doing so.

After a fan on Twitter suggested

After a fan on Twitter suggested people get together and protest Briana DeJesus’ addition to Teen Mom 2 in hopes of having her fired, McKee shockingly liked the photo and was quickly exposed via screenshot.

DeJesus laughed at McKee

On July 4, In Touch Weekly shared details of the drama between the two women, revealing that DeJesus laughed at McKee in response to the liked Twitter post.“Lmao [Mackenzie] why?” she asked.

Fans are confused

As for Briana DeJesus’ fans, they were just as confused by Mackenzie McKee’s post and slammed the former reality star for being jealous and judgmental.

Following the online drama

Following the online drama, McKee returned to Twitter, where she shared a couple of cryptic tweets about someone who was being mean to her.

First tweet

In the first tweet, she told fans that she had found out that someone close to her was now cold-hearted and didn’t care about her.

Second tweet

In her second post, McKee told fans she wasn’t going to let that person get her down because she has accomplished “so much.”