Crossushi Might Be The 2018 Food Trend You Didn’t Know About

Food romance has been going on for ages now. And it is said these epic love stories sparked up in the pantry. No doubt the world has witnessed these love doses and enjoyed them till date. Don’t get confused with the words, because all we are talking about is fusion recipes that gained more liking than their individual flavors. If you are still wondering what this fusion and 2018 trend about food is all about stay tuned to read more about it.

Peanut Butter And Jelly


The classic romance of peanut butter and jelly; the timeless love between milk and cereal. Understood what we are talking about. A foodie’s love is modern love story that prevails between different foods, like the one between croissants and muffins (“cruffins”) or sushi and burritos (“sushi burritos”).




One modern food love story I never expected to be reporting on is crossushi, a cross between croissants and sushi — especially not with the idea that it may be the first big food trend of 2018.



While most of our favorite food are supposed to be independent,Croissants do not need to date 29 other “eligible” edible items to find their perfect match.



A croissant is a pastry that stands strong alone, or as a chocolate, ham, or almond variety. It also isn’t terrible when converged with a donut — as hoards of people lined outside Dominique Ansel Bakery in NYC awaiting a “cronut” every day have proven.So what is exactly the food trend about? Read next to know more.