Daughter Shocked To See Her Already DEAD Mother’s Image In Google Street View Showing Of Alive Picture

Yes you read & heard that right 'Dead Mom' watering the plants, makes her sprint a quick flight from One country to Another

What..?????!!! Hold On……!!!!!!!.. What The……?????


How is that possible, when she’s already been gone 18 months way long wounder’s Denise. Saying She was delighted to see her Mother tending to the flowers ‘as she always did

Was this a goddamn, Joke by Google..? – To show dead people walking


Denise Underhill stated “I decided to Google Earth my mother’s home to see how it looked, considering, since she had passed away in 2015 and the property had been sold.” But was shocked to see this view of Beryl Turton outside their old home, watering the plants.