Daughter Shocked To See Her Already DEAD Mother’s Image In Google Street View Showing Of Alive Picture

Yes you read & heard that right 'Dead Mom' watering the plants, makes her sprint a quick flight from One country to Another

Google Map View showing the street path where Denise’s Mother circled in ‘blue’


A view from ground showing Denise’s Mom watering the plants in front of the house. Where the house is located in Chaytor Rd as stated on the surface of the road itself.

A screen shoot from the Picture Denise’s Mom watering the plants


What would you do believe or no.. Of course anybody would believe this just like Denise did. We follow the map but what if the map indicates something like this..? Revealing something unpredictable.


These cases are usually to play prank on someone because internet is usually 99.9% right as per the world surveys globally. But most of the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo.. show most of the search items accurately almost equal to each other’s IP address respectively. Be careful as we as people to be cautious on frauds & pranks like these played online as we all know internet is ‘wild-fire.’