Jenelle is one of the favourite teen moms in the show, Jenelle is a good mother and good wife. But it seems that the fan favourite teen mom’s beautiful marriage is coming to a tragic end!? There have been many such moments in the show that have surprised the millions of viewers at every moment they spent watching the reality show. Davi’s sister reveals some really shocking secrets about the David and Jenelle divorce rumours, read the article to know more…

One of the favourite couple in the Teen Mom show!


The beautiful mom has an amazing chemistry with her (now) husband David, also she is an amazing mother. They way they loved each other it seemed that they would never break apart!

Just a few months ago they got married!

The couple tied the knot at their home in North Carolina a month ago. Both the teen mom stars loved each other a lot, which led them to a decision of getting married.

The couple didn’t actually have a great start to their wedding!



The beautiful mom has an amazing chemistry with her (now) husband David, also she is an amazing mother. But just a day before the wedding, the couple had a big fight, this is not a good sign for a successful wedding.

What might have triggered their shocking break up?


Both Jenelle and David had their own past issues, problems and relationships. Both of them decided to put everything behind and live their present when they got married. David’s sister Jessica finally reveals the truth behind their crazy fight, read on Next Page…

The two had a huge blowout.


It was reported that something happened during their spin-off show ‘The Exes’ which caused a huge fight between them. A source said, “Jenelle and David had a crazy jealous fight after the show aired.”

But Jessica revealed something really shocking!


Jessica never liked Jenelle, she said, “She is a ruiner of lives. Every guy or even friend she’s ever had has fallen into her life-ruiner trap and the second they get away, it all becomes better for them again.” Jessica revealed some really shocking secrets on Next Page…

Jessica talks about Jenelle’s parenting!


Jessica explains, “She’s not a bad mom… Spoiled brat, yeah.. David has a temper but would never beat or abuse a kid but I don’t watch the show either so I don’t know what yall saw. Jenelle and David are trying to be invisible bc they are always in the spotlight and cant s**t in peace.”

Jessica revealed the shocking secret!


Jessica explains, “[Jenelle] doesn’t wanna be fam.. She won’t allow me and my bro to be fam.. If he did want to, he would have to hear her mouth and that’s why I’m mad at him. He should stand up to her about it…There’s no reason for the hatred she is keeping. I have been following [Jenelle’s] craziness on Twitter for years. There is pretty much nothing [she] wouldn’t believe at this point.”