To maintain a body’s health all components of the body need to constantly be in check, blood sugar level is one of the important aspects to maintain the body health. A rise in blood sugar level can cause numerous problems to your health, your body gets vulnerable to many diseases and problems. Here we have some deadly signs of high blood sugar that you should never ignore, read the article to know more…

You tend to be constantly thirsty!


The first sign of blood sugar high can be noticed when you start feeling really thirsty, this happens due to a phenomenon called polyuria. When your blood sugar increases your kidneys can’t this much blood sugar level so it produces more urine to remove the excess glucose making you dehydrated and feeling thirsty.

Your appetite increases!


With the rise in blood sugar level, there remains a lot of unusable glucose in the body, the glucose is unable to enter the cells. Since your body is unable to convert this glucose from the food you eat to energy, your body starts craving for more food, thus making you more hungry!

You need to pee every now and then!


Since you are constantly thirsty you drink a lot of water, thus making you urinate a lot. The body behaves this way to remove the excess glucose in your body, if your pee a lot, like many times in an hour, then it is advised to visit a doctor.

You tend to have chronic fatigue.


Having too much sugar in your blood doesn’t mean that you will have a sugar rush, it’s actually the opposite, you tend to get more sleepy and lazy. Since your body can no longer absorb enough glucose to create energy you start experiencing more fatigue, during work and other times. This next sign is very important to know, read on Next Page…

You might get a blur vision!


One of the most dangerous signs is a blurry vision when you have high blood sugar the lenses of your eyes tend to swell up making them blur. This is just a temporary change that you might notice, but it is important that you consult a doctor.

You get dry skin!


The rapid dehydration of the body during high blood sugar causes the body to lose a lot of body fluids and nutrients and lot more. This rapid dehydration causes the skin to get really dry! These important signs you can’t ignore, read more on Next Page…

Chances of impotence!


The high blood sugar causes nerve damages in parts of the body, including your genitals. A person’s erection is as good as his body’s blood flow, high blood sugar weakens the blood flow which might cause erectile dysfunction.

Too much weight gain.


Oen more reason for high blood sugar can also mean that you might be insulin resistant, this means that your cells no longer respond to insulin. this causes your blood sugar level to rise and thus increasing your weight.